“I would like to thank you for all your help with my PII cover over the years.

I am now in the comfortable position of knowing that I will not be able to improve on the premiums that you quote me (even if I waste my time trying!)

Over and above ‘price’, though is the service and support that I receive from you and your colleagues.”

Accountant Firm

“We consider that the tremendous and helpful service we have received from The Professional Indemnity Company, together with the competitive premium achieved, offers excellent overall value to our business, and we would recommend them to others whole-heartedly.”

Architect Firm

"Our company has been a client of The Professional Indemnity Company for the past 4 years and during that period we have been greatly impressed with the high quality of service provided, particularly in relation to claims handling, collateral warranty advice and, of course, negotiating expertise in procuring the best possible premium.”

Architect Firm
N. Ireland

“I cannot thank you enough for persuading me to use your service which saved not only financial cost but numerous hours now spent on chargeable work.

I am particularly grateful for the expert guidance given when merging two firms into one entity ensuring continuity of insurance and for the patience and professionalism that you have shown during what was a very trying time.”

Solicitor Firm

“The advice and support you have provided has been superb which has resulted in the process being painless... Last year in the midst of dramatic national rises you even managed to negotiate a reduction in premium. I have no doubt that the reduction was achieved by the professional and organised proposal to insurers you put together.

Apart from the serious side you have always been a pleasure to deal with and your approach has made what is usually a nightmare for most firms, so much easier.”

Solicitor Firm

"We value your professionalism and efforts on our behalf not only for this year, but in all the previous years we have been dealing with you."

Solicitor Firm

"We have used The Professional Indemnity Company for the last three years when renewing our professional indemnity insurance cover.

Before we used their services, the renewal process was a complete nightmare every year - with endless questionnaires to be completed and a last minute panic to get it sorted. PIC does a lot of the work for us. We still have to complete the proposal forms, but only one now and we trust them to negotiate on our behalf and get us the best price available. It saves so much work and they manage to get us a far better deal than we ever had before.

It is reassuring to know that our renewal is in safe hands and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them."

Solicitor Firm

“Having been faced with the increasingly onerous annual task of procuring professional indemnity insurance, it was only after much persistence and persuasion that we departed from tradition, in terms of utilising our long established Broker, and sourced a "check" quotation on renewal from... The Professional Indemnity Company.

We have been seriously impressed by the service we have received, and were bowled over by the significant reduction in premium which was negotiated on our behalf. We have no hesitation in recommending [you] to fellow property professionals... in terms of securing compliant cover at an affordable cost.”

Surveyor Firm
Accountant Architect Architect Solicitor Solicitor Solicitor Solicitor Surveyor